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May 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
suitcases and couriered up through the united states through our ports of entry and distributed around virginia. >> in a big law enforcement sweep this morning, they arrested 28 suspects. not everybody went willingly. one guy jumped out a second floor window. he had $17,000 in cash on him. to cushion the fall. >> this was a pretty big organization. >> it was, as shown by today's arrests where we have 28 people in custody, we have weapons, we have property, and we are rea y really -- this is the start of the next phase of the investigation. >> reporter: so there's more to be known, moring e ing tto be investigated. you might think of this as the first chapter of a very big book. >> a dog in our area has a new lease on life and some new wheels. now all he needs is a new home. take a look at buster. the washington animal rescue league says he was hit by a car seven months ago and a good samaritan picked him up off the side of the road. bless his little heart. the accident left buster with a paralyzing spinal cord injury, but he's getting around with that little wheelchair of his. the resc
May 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
government center to become naturalized united states citizens. they were sworn under oath. >> i will support and defend -- >> reporter: and pledge their allegiance to this country. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: cing manage collins makes it is a point to attend every year. >> you took that oath and that makes you as american as me. >> reporter: originally from great britain, andrew says becoming a u.s. citizen a about paving a way for his family and playing an active role in society. >> it's such an incredible honor that when you don't have it, you hunger for it and 16 years being a kind of partial participant in the democracy can be frustrat g frustrating. >> reporter: for others it's honoring the sacrifices hair parent mass for them and moving forward with the american dream. maria says it was the hardest thing to leave her family in peru 12 years ago. but she wanted more opportunities for her son. and today he became an american. >> by not only integrating myself to this will culture, but representing where i came from and kind of merging both of them. my american culture
May 17, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> the census figures showed that the united states is on its way to becoming a minority majority with almost half of all young children currently from minority groups including hispanic, black, and asian. the castellanos family from silver spring fits right in. with newborn aden joining his big sister and parents as part of the trend. >> he is all over the place just like in my belly. >> when he makes noise that means he says hi. >> we've had extraordinary growth here and we deliver nearly 9,000 babies every year. it ends up being one every hour. >> this could explain why the statistic. more than half of all residents in several states were minorities as of last year according to the census bureau. >> thanks, jane. >>> tonight i have a chance to catch up with betty white the 90-year-old actress who is in d.c. tonight to talk to the smithsonian associates discussing her career and long-time passion for animals. she is also signing copies of her new book. white will also be getting a private tour of the national zoo tomorrow. so watch news 4 at 11:00 tonight to catch my interview w
May 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, given to the united states, and it's been here for the past week. now, as for the device itself, they say it's fundamentally the same as the underwear bomb in 2009, with some substantial improvements. but the basic design is the same. so they say it presents neither more nor less challenge to airport screeners to find, and for that reason, they say we're probably not going to see much of a difference in terms of screening at the airports. back to you. >> fbi experts are now picking apart that bombing device to see if it could have gotten through security and taken down an airline. >>> well, we do need the rain, and we are getting it. some areas are seeing it right now. storm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. he's tracking it on the radar. is it out of here, or is more coming through? >> it is just about out of here, at least in some areas right now. some locations picking up a tenth to a quarter inch of rain today. we do need to see more and it does look like we'll have that chance over the next 24 hours. 73 degrees, the current temperature right now, with winds out of the south at
May 7, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. the centers for disease control says obesity affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the united states. that's triple the rate from just one generation ago. a local doctor is trying to do something about it. erika gonzalez joins us with details. >> after years of treating children for cholesterol and hypertension, the doctor decided to start the first ongoing childhood obesity center in northern virginia. his story is about a lot more than just teaching kids how to eat well. take a look. meet 17-year-old jennifer hoya. she took on night classes so she could graduate high school a year early. she wants to be a civil engineer. she spent four to six hours a day doing handwritten work. leaving little time to care for herself, eat right and exercise. >> breathe out. >> reporter: she began having chronic headaches and severe chest pain. she was diagnosed as being obese. the pediatric cardiologist. >> how much of a problem is obesity in this country? >> it is a big problem. >> reporter: she decided it was time to be proactive. she created the first ongoing childhood obesity center in n
May 22, 2012 5:00pm EDT
mastered the moves and now he's set to represent the united states in the olympic games this summer. zachary kiesch has more. >> what makes you different than the other fighters out there? >> everything that i've been through. i think the biggest thing about taekwondo is your personal training, you start at one point and you end at another.lexandri they're breeding champions. >> this is my home. this is my home. i mean, like blood, sweat and tears. this this is where i did a lot of my training. >> reporter: they come to this master because they want to bring home olympic gold and he's drawn to them because it they have a chance of doing what he wasn't able to do. >> i couldn't raise my legs, so shattered my dream of getting any medal at the olympics. so now what i'm trying to do is train some athletes to do what i was unable to do. >> reporter: t.j. was just an 11-year-old when they started training for the olympics. >> nine or ten of us and he started this program and he had an idea of how he want the things done. he had the knowledge behind it. and the pagtss he passion to . >> so
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6